Troubleshooting Video Display Errors on PC

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Questions When I start MultiView, it freezes on the splash screen and I receive a message that states ERROR! Why can't I get an image in my X10 software? The video won't display in my X10 software. My camera won't work with my computer. Help! I get the error "Unable to initialize device." when I try to use XRay Vision MultiView gives the error "Could not put capture device in graph" when I run it. When I run ActiveHome Pro with iWitness I get a warning the it can't detect a compatible video capture device. What do I do? Why can't I see my camera in iWitness? Answer Sometimes X10 software will give you an error when it cannot display video. Follow these steps to resolve the issue. If you are using an X10 camera with a wireless video receiver:

  • Check that the video cable is plugged securely into the VA11A USB Capture Adapter and the output of the Video Receiver.
  • Make sure your Wireless Video Receiver is connected to power and turned On. The On/Off switch is on its side.
  • Verify that your camera is connected to power and turned on. To test just the camera and video receiver, follow the instructions for installing the video receiver onto a television before connecting it to your computer.
  • Confirm that the ABCD switches on the camera and the bottom of the wireless video receiver are set to the same letter.

If the camera and receiver are connected and working, check that the VA11A USB Video Capture Adapter is connected and installed properly:

  • Make sure the VA11A is connected to your computer.
  • Run the installer for your X10 program (or the X10 driver installer--x10drivers.exe) while the VA11A is connected, and follow all instructions.
  • When installation has completed, restart Windows.

Running the X10 installer with the VA11A USB Video Capture Adapter connected to a USB port on your computer should force Windows to use the X10 driver. When you finish these steps, "X10 VA11A Video Capture" should be listed in Device Manager under "Imaging Devices." [p][img src="xpnotice.gif" height="274" width="350" vspace="0" hspace="0" align="bottom" border="0">[br>[br>Note: If you are using Windows XP or 2000, you will see a notice that the X10 VA11A Video Capture driver has not passed Windows Logo testing. Installing these drivers will not negatively affect your computer. Please choose "Continue Anyway" when you see this message.[/p> On Windows 98 and Millennium Edition, you may need to update the VA11A driver manually:

Go into Device Manager. In Windows 98 and ME, you can right-click on "My Computer," and select Properties. Click on the Device Manager tab.

Locate the unknown device under Universal Serial Bus Controllers.

Double-click on it, and select the "Driver" tab. Select the "Update Driver" button. [img border="0" src="update-driver.gif"][br>

Now, "Display a list of all the drivers in a specific location so you can select the driver you want." Press the "Next" button. [img border="0" src="update1.gif" width="472" height="335"]

Find the "Show all hardware" selection at the bottom of the screen. This brings up the Update Device Driver Wizard. Choose X10 as the manufacturer and X10 VA11A Video Capture. Press the "Next" button. [img border="0" src="update2.gif" width="472" height="336"]

Press "Next" to get past this screen and install the driver from that location. [img border="0" src="update3.gif" width="475" height="339"]

At this point, your computer should be copying files for the driver. If the software asks for certain files, you need to choose the correct location of each of these particular files on your system. You may need to insert your Windows CD. [img border="0" src="update4.gif" width="489" height="430"]

The driver is being updated; when this is complete you see a Finish screen. [img border="0" src="update5.gif" width="474" height="339"] Related Articles [a href="/kbase/articles/a00060.html"]a00060[/a] : Windows Prompts for Disk when Installing VA11A Video Capture[BR] Key Topics: driver, display, capture, adapter, digital, video, converter, device, intel, pc, camera, pro, xp, signed, windows, 98, me, imaging, usb Relates to: VA11A, SW18A, SW19A, SW20A, SW21A, SW22A, SW26A, SW31A, SW30A, SW32A, SW33A [img src=""]