Uninstalling AHP from Windows 7 64bit

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Why am I not able to fully uninstall Active Home PRO from Windows 7 64 bit?


Active Home Pro uses WISE a Windows Installer-based setup tool to install the software to your computer. It will also install the UNWISE uninstall tool to remove the software. Active Home Pro installs a 16-bit version of the UNWISE tool from older versions of AHP. A 16-bit application cannot be opened in a 64-bit operating system. To resolve this flash a 32-bit version of the UNWISE uninstall tool to properly uninstall the Active Home Pro software from the computer. Follow the directions below:

1. Use this link to download the UNWISE32.EXE file.

2. Unzip this file to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32. Since this is a 32-bit application, it will run on a 64-bit operating system (i.e. Windows 7).

3. Go to you C:\ Drive and navigate to Program Files(x86)\Active Home Pro and locate the file INSTALL.LOG (text document).

4. Near the bottom of the document locate the uninstall script. It will read as follows:

RegDB Key: Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\ActiveHomePro

RegDB Val: C:\Windows\UNWISE.EXE C:\PROGRA~2\ACTIVE~1\Install.log

RegDB Name: UninstallString

5. The bolded line above is the one that needs to be changed. Open Command Prompt (Start Menu/Accessories/Command Prompt) and type in the following in ONE LINE WITH NO SPACES:


You should now be using the 32-bit version of UNWISE and this should properly remove Active Home Pro from your 64-bit Operating System. Reinstall as instructed by normal procedures.