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'''How do I update the firmware on my (non-SD) AirSight camera?'''
'''How do I update the firmware on my XX34A or XX41A Camera?'''

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How do I update the firmware on my XX34A or XX41A Camera?


Download your firmware files from these links:

  • Device Firmware
  • Web UI

Go into the Multi-Device menu then select Upgrade Device Firmware.

It is very important that you update the Device Firmware first before updateing the Web UI. Also, you must keep the camera powered on during the whole update process. X10 strongly recommends that you do the firmware update over a wired Ethernet connection. We will not cover return shipping on warranty returns for cameras that are disabled by incorrectly updated firmware.

  1. Before doing an upgrade via Browser, please make sure the IP Camera Tool can find the camera’s IP address.
  2. Click the first Browse button then navigate to the location where you downloaded the Device Firmware file. Click OK, then click Submit.
  3. Once the device firmware has been updated, go back into Upgrade Device Firmware and update the Web UI.

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