Using Amazon Market on my Airpad7p

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You’ll want to install the Amazon Android Appstore so you can download FREE Apps, and purchase other ones. Note you will first need to go to and set up a free account if you don’t already have one.

  1. On the Home screen touch the Browser icon to launch the Browser, and type in The Amazon Android Appstore app will download to your AirPad. You’ll Download Started in the notifications bar near at the bottom right of the screen. When complete it will say downloaded.
  2. Touch and pull up your notifications bar at the bottom of the screen and touch Amazon_Appstore-release.apk
  3. Touch the INSTALL button.
  4. After the installation finishes, touch the OPEN button and sign into your Amazon account. Below shows the Appstore.
    ICS App Store.png

How to install a typical App from Amazon Android Appstore

Your AirPad makes an excellent e-book reader. You can download and install FREE readers from the Amazon Android Appstore, including the popular Kindle.

We will use the Kindle App as an example. These basic procedures work for other Apps too.

  1. On your Home screen, touch ICS 6 dots.png (top right of the screen).
  2. Touch the Amazon Appstore icon.
    Amazon App Store icon.png

The screen shown at the bottom of page 11 is displayed.

  1. In the Search Market box, type: kindle for. As you type, various matches will be displayed. When you see kindle for android tablet displayed, touch it.
  2. Touch the Kindle for Android icon.
  3. Touch Install. Then touch OK. When “Application installed” is displayed, click Done.

Touch the Home icon ICS Home icon.png (bottom left of screen) or press the hard key to the right of the screen to exit back to your Home screen.

Touch the Amazon Kindle icon on the main Apps screen to launch Kindle.