Using Multiple VC10As

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How can I use multiple XCam Miniature cameras?


You can connect multiple VC10A cameras to a quad processor. You can also use them in a switching configuration, like our other cameras. To do this, you will need one appliance module per camera as well as the ActiveHome Pro software with the iWitness plugin.

Set each Appliance Module to the same House Code and a Unit Code of 1, 5, 9, or 13. If you are using the VC10A cameras with Video Senders, plug each Video Sender into an appliance module. If you are using RCA cables (wired configuration) plug each camera power supply into an appliance modules. Use RCA Y-cables to run all the cameras into your video input: see method 1 in the [Connecting Multiple Wired Cameras] article.

Tell ActiveHome Pro that you have a SC18A Anaconda camera at each of the addresses you selected for your appliance modules. Use a remote to turn each appliance module off, then click Go Live on one of them. Verify that you can switch between all the cameras without overlapping images.