Using MyHouse Online with F-Secure or Cogeco Security Suite

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Questions How do I make MyHouse Online work with F-Secure or Cogeco security software? Answer If you use the F-Secure Security Suite or Cogeco Security Suite on your computer, the default settings may prevent MyHouse Online from connecting to the MyHouse Service on the host computer with ActiveHome Pro. Follow these steps to change the Security Suite (versions 2005 and 2006) configuration to allow connections to the MyHouse Service.

  • Double-click on the Internet Security icon in your system tray. This should open the Cogeco Internet Security Suite main menu.
  • Click on the button at the left that says "Internet Shield." This should show a list of the Internet shield components.
  • The first item in the list should be "Firewall." Select "Configure" on the line next it. This opens up the Firewall "Rules" tab.
  • Choose "Add" to create a new rule.
  • Give the rule a name (like "MyHouse Online" or "X10" or something you will recognize), and choose to Allow traffic. Click Next.
  • In step 2 of 5, choose to Allow Traffic on any IP address. Click Next.
  • Step 3 of 5--Browse through the list of services and find "TCP / Transmission Control Protocol." Check its box, and click the icon under the "Direction" column until it displays a double-headed arrow between the world and computer icons. Select Next.
  • In step 4/5, select any logging you want to do (purely optional), and click Next to continue.
  • Step 5/5: now, Finish to close and keep the new rule.
  • Click OK in the Firewall configuration window.
  • Re-start your computer. Wait for everything to load; then run ActiveHome Pro and try to connect to the MyHouse service. It might not succeed on the first attempt, but let it continue to try, and it should connect.

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