Using The Video Calling System with Skype

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To install the latest version of Skype, please click on the link below and follow the setup instructions.

After you have installed your Messenger Service, let's go preview your camera with it.

First you'll need to go to "Tools" and then "Options":


Next, select "Video (BETA)" and choose "X10 Webcam" from the drop down menu under "Select Webcam" option.


Click the "Test Webcam" button. You should see an image previewed within the Skype "Webcam Test" window, as well as another image previewed within the "X10 World's Best Webcam" window. The X10 window may directly overlay the Skype window in some instances.

It is easy to distinguish between the 2 preview panes - the X10 window will display virtual pan and tilt control arrows while the Skype window will not.

Click on the "Close" button in the Skype "Webcam Test" window and both preview panes should close.

Last, click on the "Save" button in the Skype Options tab for Video (BETA).


Note that in the "Video (BETA)" tab you can also select to Start my Video Automatically when you are in a call.

Also, you can choose your preferences to "Automatically receive video" from "No one, People in my Contact List, or Anyone Who I allow to call me."