Using The Video Calling System with Yahoo Messenger

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Yahoo Messenger With Voice

To install the latest version of Yahoo Messenger with Voice, please click on the link below and follow the setup instructions.

After you have installed your Yahoo Messenger with Voice, let's go preview your camera with it.

To preview your camera, you will need to go to "Messenger" and then "My Webcam". You should then see your webcam displayed within the Yahoo window. Whether you see an image or not in the Yahoo window, please go to the next step below.


On the Yahoo "My Webcam" window, Click on "File" and then "Preferences". The "Yahoo Messenger with Voice Preferences" window should then display. Click on the "Camera Source" button.


Next, select "X10 Webcam" from the "Camera Source" Dropdown Menu and click the "OK" button in it.


You should now see a preview of the camera in one window, as well the camera image displayed within the Yahoo "My Webcam" window.

It is fairly easy to distinguish between the 2 preview panes - the X10 window will display virtual pan and tilt control arrows while the Yahoo window will not.

Click "OK" in the "Yahoo Messenger with Voice Preferences" window and you are ready to go. Please note that there is a "Broadcast" and a "Pause" button in the Yahoo "My Webcam" window - to display Live Video in a Video Call, you will need to ensure that you are in Broadcast Mode by clicking the "Broadcast" button. If you want to pause video, simply click on "Pause"