Using The Video Calling System with Yahoo Messenger

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Yahoo Messenger With Voice

To install the latest version of Yahoo Messenger with Voice, please click on the link below and follow the setup instructions.

When you click on the above link, you will need to click on the "Get it now" button as highlighted in the Yahoo Smiley Face graphic as depicted below.

You will be brought to another page - the Download Yahoo! Messenger with Voice page. Yahoo for Windows will already be selected.

Please click on the "Get Started" button as high lighted below in Step 1. Then click on the "Run" button in each window that appears next.

Yahoo set1.jpg

Next comes the install software portion. Click on the "Next" buttons as high lighted in each of the steps below. Remember to select the checkbox for the EULA agreement in Step 3, indicating that you accept the License Agreement. Then simply click "Next" and then click "Install". You will see a progress meter displayed while the software installs.

Yahoo set2.jpg


When you are done with the installation, click the finish tab.


If you already have a user name for Yahoo, then click on option 2 "Sign In"

If you do not already have a user name for Yahoo, you'll need to create one by clicking on option 1 "Get a new Yahoo ID".

After you have created an ID, you can then sign into Yahoo Messenger.


After you have installed your Yahoo Messenger with Voice, let's go preview your camera with it.

To preview your camera, you will need to go to "Messenger" and then "My Webcam". You should then see your webcam displayed within the Yahoo window. Whether you see an image or not in the Yahoo window, please go to the next step below.

Yahoo 1.png

On the Yahoo "My Webcam" window, Click on "File" and then "Preferences". The "Yahoo Messenger with Voice Preferences" window should then display. Click on the "Camera Source" button.

Yahoo 2.5.jpg

Yahoo 3.jpg

Yahoo 4.jpg

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