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How do I use the remote connection feature?


Opening the MyHouse Client

Remote access for the MyHouse Online is provided through X10's MyHouse service. To connect remotely, go to:


Note: If you use a computer with Windows XP Service Pack 2 at the remote location, you will need to allow the MyHouse application to load. Click in the security bar to open the option window, and choose to install the MyHouse client.

Connecting to an ActiveHome Pro System

When the MyHouse client loads, open the MyHouse menu and choose "New Connection" to open the Remote Login window.


To make a remote connection, enter the ActiveHome Pro Server ID, User Name, and password created for you on the server. After you have entered this, select "Connect Now" to open the remote connection. The [a id="h405" title="Using the Network Status Windows" href="" target="_self"]Network Status window[/a] will open to show you the progress and details of your remote connection.[/p]

Storing Server and User Lists

If you want to connect to more than one ActiveHome Pro server, you can make it easier by saving your server and user information. Server Names

Click on the [...] button to open the Server Names list.


Type a nickname for the server you are connecting to, and then enter the server's ID. This will add a new server to the list.


To add more servers, click the New button and enter information for each new one.

User Names

Each connection has a user and server associated with it. The first time you type user information, it will create a new user for that server. To create additional users, click the New button, select a server you connect to, and then enter the user name and password information.


To use a stored connection, select it in the user list box, and click Connect Now.

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