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#REDIRECT [[Sentinel]]
'' X10 Sentinel Surveillance Camera''
;Image Sensor  CCD
;Scanning System  525 Lines, 60 Frames / Sec
;Resolution  480 TV Lines (VCR Quality)
;ZOOM  44X Total (22X Optical with 2X Digital)
;Pan Movement Range  280° left and right
;Tilt Movement Range  30° downwards
;Camera Position Memory  9 Locations including position and zoom level
;Focus  Automatic / Manual by remote control
;Iris (brightness)  Automatic / Manual by remote control
;White Balance  Automatic
====PHYSICAL ====
;Horizontal Field Of View  50° (330° total with pan)
;Vertical Field Of View  30° (60° total with tilt)
;Video Output  2.4 GHz Wireless Or Video Cable
;Operating Environment  Outdoor/Indoor Use
;Operating Temperature  -14°F to 122°F
;Operating Humidity  Within 85% RH
;Minimum Illumination  0.02 lux (In Starlight Mode)
====X10 SYSTEMS ====
;Camera Network  Backward compatible with all X10 cameras

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