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;Weight:  0.38 lbs.   
;Weight:  0.38 lbs.   
;Power Supply:  120VAC @ 60Hz   
;Power Supply:  120VAC @ 60Hz   
;Max Load: 20-amp devices at 120V, control up to 2,400 watts  
;Max Load: 10-amp devices at 120V, control up to 1,000 watts  
;Connection Requirement: Neutral Wire
;Connection Requirement: Neutral Wire
;Black Lead: Live
;Black Lead: Live

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X10 WS469: Push Button Relay Wall Switch


Product Pages


0.38 lbs.
Power Supply
120VAC @ 60Hz
Max Load
10-amp devices at 120V, control up to 1,000 watts
Connection Requirement
Neutral Wire
Black Lead
Blue Lead
White Lead
Red Lead
Slave/Companion Switch

  • Responds to All Lights On and All Units Off.
  • Cap off red lead with a wire nut for single switch applications.
  • Requires X10 WS14A or PRO XPSS Companion Switch for 3-Way applications.

Operating Environment
Operating Temperature Range
32deg to 104deg F (0deg to 40deg C)
Operating Humidity Range
0-90% Relative Humidity
Storage Temperature Range
-4deg to 158deg F (-20deg to 70deg C)

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