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What is the Wireless Range of the AirSight IP Cameras?


The wireless range of the IP cameras is limited by the wireless router in use.

A typical wireless access point using 802.11b or 802.11g with a stock antenna might have a range of 115 ft indoors and 330 ft outdoors.

IEEE 802.11n, however, can more than double the range.

Range also varies with frequency band. WiFi in the 2.4 GHz frequency block, such as with the IP cameras, has slightly better range than WiFi in the 5 GHz frequency block which is used by 802.11a and optionally by 802.11n.

On wireless routers with detachable antennas, it is possible to improve range by fitting upgraded antennas which have higher gain in particular directions. Outdoor ranges can be improved to many kilometers through the use of high gain directional antennas at the router and remote device(s).

In general, the maximum amount of power that a Wi-Fi device can transmit is limited by local regulations, such as FCC Part 15 in the US.

The best way to tell if your IP camera will be able to access your wireless router is to take a SmartPhone or tablet to the desired mounting location of the camera and see if the phone or tablet can stream LIVE video with minimal buffering via your WiFi network.