WiFi Sleep Options on the Airpad 7P

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  1. On your Home screen, touch on the Settings icon.
  2. Touch Wireless & networks.
    P WiFi 1.png
  3. Touch Wi-Fi Settings.
    P WiFi 2.png
  4. Touch the Menu icon P Menu icon.png in the upper right corner of the screen.
  5. Touch Advanced (bottom right corner of the screen).
    P WiFi Advanced.png
  6. Touch WiFi Sleep Policy
    File:P Sleep Policy 1.png
  7. Touch the option you desire - Turn WiFi off when the screen turns off, never turn WiFi off when the AirPad is plugged in, or never turn WiFi off EVER (select this if you want to stream live music from Pandora, for example).
    P Sleep Policy 2.png