Wireless Router Interference

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The X10 Sentinel PTZ Camera can be operated both wired and wirelessly for maximum efficiency. When wireless, the Sentinel runs on a standard 2.4 GHz frequency, and can sometimes receive interference by other electronics on the same frequency.

Most wireless networks run on that very same radio frequency. If you’ve tried all of our other troubleshooting tips and you’re still getting a fuzzy picture on your TV screen from your Sentinel, the problem could be radio interference from your wireless network. Try unplugging it and seeing if the picture clears up. If it does, then you’ve found the problem.

To decrease interference, your wireless router/access point should be placed as far away from your Sentinel as possible. Try placing it in a different room or, if possible, on a different floor. You can also try switching your wireless connection to channel 11 and see if that helps.