X10 Products and Temperature

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Parts of my X10 system stop working when it gets cold. Why?

Do X10 devices have any temperature requirements?


Most X10 devices that are weather-resistant are rated from -10 C to 50 C (14F to 129F). Some of the indoor-only devices are rated from 0 C to 50 C (32F to 129F). You will see a variety of issues as it gets colder:

  • First, batteries do not do well at all in the cold. Your motion sensor will not have enough charge to work right. If it gets cold enough, it may lose its House and Unit code.
  • Cameras will lose their ability to "grab" light when it gets really cold.
  • Some appliance and other modules have physical relays inside- these can freeze up.

All of these parts should work fine once it warms back up, unless it got absurdly cold.