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What power supply does the SC15A or SC16A require?


Both those cameras take the D9100 (AKA PT31A) power supply. This supply plugs into a regular 110V/120VAC outlet and draws five watts. It outputs 9 volts of DC power at 100ma. It is an unregulated power supply, so it will only put out 9V DC with a 100ma load. The power supply has the positive contacts on the inside, and the negative on the outside - it's "tip-positive." The exterior diameter is 4.75mm; the interior is 1.7mm.

If you need a D9100 power supply and do not have time to wait for one in the mail, call your local Radio Shack. Ask if they have parts 273-1770 and 273-1706 in stock; together, these should cost $25. You will get a 9 volt regulated power supply and the appropriate adapter to connect it to your camera.

9 volt adapter

Adaptaplug: C