How do I Add A Camera To iWitness?

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How do I add a camera to iWitness?


  • Open ActiveHome Pro.
  • Go into Help and select Product Registration.
  • Confirm that ActiveHome Pro and iWitness are registered.
  • Close Product Registration.
  • Locate the Group Pane (which says Rooms at the top) on the left side of the screen. If you do not see it, hit Ctrl+G to bring it up.
  • Locate the Modules category. If you do not see a list of module types under that category, click the down-pointing-arrows-in-a-circle icon immediately to the right of the word Modules.
  • The last subcategory that appears should be Cameras. Click on it.
  • You should see the main window on the right side of the screen divide itself in half. The bottom half will have a list of cameras.
  • Select your camera, drag it to the top half of the main window, and release it.
  • If your camera is mounted on a Ninja Pan and Tilt Base, drag and drop that in the top half of the main window instead.
  • Click the Go Live/On Air button on your newly installed camera; you should see a video window now.