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X10 PF284 and PRO PSC01: Powerflash Module


The Powerflash Module is different from most other X10 modules in that it sends X10 codes rather than receiving them. It can be triggered by a dry contact closure or a low voltage input (6-18 volts AC, DC, or audio). When connected to the output of a burglar alarm system or alarm panel, it can flood your house with light when the alarm is tripped.

This device can be activated by a magnetic window switch, photo cell, moisture sensor, motion detector, pressure switch or anything that gives a switch closure. Applications for this versatile interface are limited only by your imagination. It can trip lights directly or activate sophisticated macros in ActiveHome Pro.


How do I set up my Powerflash module?


0.32 lbs.
Power Supply
120VAC @ 60Hz
Terminal Voltage
1V min, 18V max
Input Switch Position A
1 - 18VDC
Input Switch Position B
Dry Contact Closure

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