Solving "Vanguard requires an installed VA11A" Message

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When I start Vanguard Control Center, I get the message that "Vanguard requires an installed VA11A Video Capture Adapter" and it just closes when I click OK.

My VA11A is plugged in, so why won't it work?


If the camera and receiver are connected and working, check that the VA11A USB Video Capture Adapter is connected and installed properly:

  • Make sure the VA11A is connected to your computer.
  • Run the installer for your X10 program while the VA11A is connected, and follow all instructions.
  • When installation has completed, restart Windows.

Running the X10 installer with the VA11A USB Video Capture Adapter connected to a USB port on your computer should force Windows to use the X10 driver. When you finish these steps, "X10 VA11A Video Capture" should be listed in Device Manager under "Imaging Devices."

To check your Device Manager, go into Start, and then Settings, and click on Control Panel. Open up System Control Panel (in the Performance and Maintenance category). Go to the Hardware Tab and click on the Device Manager button. Once there, look under the Imaging Devices category. If you see an X10 VA11A USB Capture Adapter, you should be set. If you see nothing under Imaging Devices, move the VA11A to a different USB port, ideally one directly on the motherboard. If you still see nothing under Imaging Devices after trying all available USB ports, your VA11A may have an issue.

If you see a Intel PC Camera Pro under Imaging Devices, do the following:

  1. Right-click on Intel PC Camera Pro. Select Update Driver.
  2. If it asks you to connect to Microsoft, select "No, not at this time."
  3. Next, choose to "Install from a list or a specific location."
  4. Then choose "Don't search, I will choose the driver to install."
  5. On the following screen, select the X10 VA11A Video Capture Adapter.
  6. Error creating thumbnail: /bin/bash: /usr/bin/convert: No such file or directory Error code: 127
    The "Found New Hardware" process begins and installs the drivers. In the next window, choose "Continue Anyway."
  7. Then you should see a Found New Hardware installation wizard. If it asks you to connect to Microsoft, select "No, not at this time." The wizard should then state that it "searches for ... drivers for WDM Audio Capture." Click CANCEL, then confirm the cancellation.
  8. Again, you should see a Found New Hardware installation wizard. If it asks you to connect to Microsoft, select "No, not at this time." Confirm that it is installing drivers for the X10 VA11A, then choose "Install automatically," "Continue Anyway," and finally "Finish."

Follow this procedure, reboot, and the VA11A should now work properly. You may still see a listing for an Intel PC Camera Pro under USB Devices, but as long as an X10 VA11A is showing up under Imaging Devices you are good to go.

Sometimes Windows 98 and Windows ME do not recognize drivers that are already installed. When prompted for the disk, try the following:

  • In the "Insert Disk" window, click the "Browse" button to look for the driver files.
  • Go to your C: drive in the list and "Program Files," "Common Files," "X10," "DriverInstall," and finally "X10 VA11A Video Capture."
  • Click the OK button to use the driver files in that folder. Follow the instructions on your screen to finish.