XCam2 Battery Adapter

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ZB10A and ZB11A: XCam2 Battery Pack Adapter

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With the XCam2 Battery Pack, your XCam2 Video Camera is now completely wireless -- combining wireless 2.4 GHz technology with a wireless power source to give you unparalleled flexibility.

  • No power outlet necessary.
  • Up to 4 continuous hours of power!
  • Wireless A/V expansion has never been easier!

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0.24 lbs.
Power Supply
(4) AA batteries
Additional Data
Does not work with the XC18A (Anaconda) or the XC21A (Nightwatch)


The camera requires 12VDC, but your battery pack only uses a total of 6VDC. How can this be?

How long do the batteries last in the ZB11A Battery Pack?

How do I setup my battery pack with the X10 camera?