How to Ensure a Successful Remote Connection

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Why Can't I See My Pictures Remotely?


For a successful connection in Pan Tilt Pro, follow the instructions below at both the Host Computer (the one with the camera equipment installed) and the Remote Computer.

  • Open Net Meeting by clicking on Start, Run, and typing in �conf� (without quotes). Press OK.
  • If you get a registration wizard, it needs to be completed the first time you open Net Meeting; it does not matter how you answer the questions.

Once Net Meeting is open, click the Call option in the menu and make sure there is a check next to Automatically Accept Calls.

  • Click the Tools menu and select Options.
  • Go to the Security tab at the top and uncheck any settings under the Incoming Calls section if necessary.
  • Next, check the Video tab and make sure "Automatically receive video at the start of each call� is selected.
  • When done, press the OK button at the bottom and close Net Meeting.

Make sure Pan Tilt Pro is registered, and you have the proper 10-digit registration key and password for use at the remote location (

If you are still unable to connect, the issue is most likely due to a firewall or network security configuration (Zone Alarm, Norton Internet Security, Windows XP Firewall, Router, McAfee Personal Firewall, etc). Pan Tilt Pro uses the program Net Meeting to make the remote connection. Net Meeting requires several available ports, as well as two that X10 software needs.

The ports for X10 are 8080 and 8888 (TCP).

The ports for Net Meeting are 389, 522, 1503, 1720, 1731 (all TCP) and 2 Dynamic ports using H.323 on TCP, RTP and UDP. Full information regarding the use of Net Meeting with network security can be seen at the following Microsoft Support Web site:;en-us;158623 (pay special attention to the notes at the bottom).

You may test the above ports for connection status with our Online Internet Connection Test on the following page:

Make sure to Show Advanced View and put in each port number specifically and individually in the Listening Port field at the bottom.

If you are using a router, it may also be necessary for you to setup a feature called port forwarding inside of your router�s configuration. This will ensure that when information is sent through the ports, they are tagged with the proper IP Address for routing.

Tip: Some routers allow the dynamic protocol used by Net Meeting to work fine. Some have limitations on its use, and some will not work at all. A good way to find out what to expect and how to best handle your specific router or firewall is to search using this criteria: Router/Firewall Name, Router Model Number, Net Meeting. This will generally give you specific information from your router manufacturer or others who are using your router on how they got it working. You could also visit the support site for your router/firewall manufacturer and do a search for Net Meeting.