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From what I can tell from D-Link pages, Microsoft's pages and some other 3rd party companies- the only way to get the pan-tilt to work over the internet is to have Net Meeting working and they all seem to agree that means to put your computer outside the firewall.

I do not think that is a very good solution, especially when talking about your main home computer that probably has a lot of confidential data on it.

I have tried to contact tech several times and that is all I get. I know of several other products that allow you to see desktops etc without exposing yourself in this way.

I would hope that X10 would look at other solutions and also warn potential buyers of the pit falls.


PanTilt Pro & NetMeeting

Because PanTilt Pro requires and uses NetMeeting, there's no getting around NetMeeting's requirements. Since we introduced PanTilt Pro, we developed two products that use a more easily configured and less finicky network protocol: Vanguard and ActiveHome Pro iWitness. Both of those work behind firewalls without problem, and don't require NetMeeting.

This article applies specifically to PanTilt Pro, and the information is relevant and accurate for PanTilt Pro.