Lola Wireless VGA Kit Setup

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This guide should help you to get started quickly with the X10 Lola Wireless VGA Kit.


Unpack these items.

Mk12 1.gif mk12_1.gif

Download and install the Lola software.

Mk down.gif mk_down.gif

Plug in the USB Receiver from the Transmitter.

Mk12 2.gif mk12_2.gif

Put 4 AAA batteries into the remote control.

Mk batteries.gif mk_batteries.gif

Now give it a try!

Mk try.gif mk_try.gif

Set Up the Wireless Connection

  • Video Parts

Mk12 vidcab.gif mk12_vidcab.gif

  • Connections

Mk12 vid.gif mk12_vid.gif

  • Audio Parts

Mk11 audcab.gif mk11_audcab.gif

  • Connections

Mk12 aud.gif mk12_aud.gif

  • Video Receiver Parts

Mk11mk12 reccab.gif mk11mk12_reccab.gif

  • Connections

Mk11mk12 reca.gif mk11mk12_reca.gif

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