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*'''VK74A''' Includes: '''Base''' (ZC15A), [[XM14A|'''Power Supply''' (XM14A)]] and [[CR14A|'''Remote''' (CR14A)]]
*'''VK74A''' Includes: '''Base''' (ZC15A), [[XM14A|'''Power Supply''' (XM14A)]] and [[CR14A|'''Remote''' (CR14A)]]
*'''VK75A''' Includes: ZC15A '''Base''', [[XM14A|XM14A '''Power Supply''']], [[CR14A|CR14A '''Remote''']] and [[Wireless Cameras|'''Camera''']]
*'''VK75A''' Includes: '''Base''' (ZC15A), [[XM14A|'''Power Supply''' (XM14A)]] and [[CR14A|'''Remote''' (CR14A)]] and [[Wireless Cameras|'''Camera''' (XCam2]]

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VK74A: Ninja Pan/Tilt Base and VK75A: Ninja Pan/Tilt Base with Camera

180x180 ninjabase.gif

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0.75 lbs.
Pan Range
180 degrees
Tilt Range
70 degrees
Total Viewable
240 x 130 with XCam2 or NightWatch
RF Frequency
310 MHz (uses proprietary X10 commands)
  • Base shown with camera attached.


As the Ninja base rotates my camera, the image quality changes. Why is this? How can I fix it?

When I pan my Ninja camera, I lose the picture. What do I do?

How do I store preset positions with my remote?

My Ninja Bases all move together. Why?

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