Ninja Picture Quality Loss when Turning

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As the Ninja base rotates my camera, the image quality changes. Why is this? How can I fix it?

When I pan my Ninja camera, I lose the picture. What do I do?


First, make sure you are using an XM14A power supply with the Ninja base, not an XM13A.

The antenna on your wireless camera needs to be pointed in the general direction of the video receiver for best reception. As the camera turns on top of the Ninja Pan & Tilt base, its antenna turns, and the video signal may not transmit directly toward the receiver. This can affect the quality of the picture on your television or computer.

The best way to solve this problem is to try to minimize the camera's movement away from the video receiver on the Pan & Tilt base as much as possible. One easy way to improve the signal from the camera is to turn its antenna so the transmitting side (the one with the 4 squares on it) is angled upward and toward the receiver, rather than straight at it. Position the antenna on the receiver the same way.

Here are some other things you can do to improve camera reception:

  • Install the Video Receiver as far away from other electronic devices as possible. Note: This can be achieved by using longer audio/video cables between the Video Receiver and television, VCR, computer, etc.
  • Move the camera in question closer to the Video Receiver.
  • Unplug other wireless equipment such as wireless intercoms, 2.4 GHz wireless network connections, and 2.4GHz wireless phones.
  • Change the RF frequency by using the ABCD Channel selector switch on the camera and video receiver. The A, B, C, and D channel switch on each camera is located under the gray rubber plug next to the lens. If you point the camera at yourself with the antenna at the top, the bottom position of the switch corresponds to A on the receiver, and the top position corresponds to D.

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