ActiveHome Gains Or Loses Time

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The interface clock regularly gains or loses time. This can be anywhere from a few seconds to a few years.

Possible Causes

Usually line noise; occasionally radio frequency interference, 50/55 Hz wiring (outside North America), or a defective interface.


The ActiveHome interface uses the 60Hz from your power line to regulate its clock. If you have line noise, the interface may "see" more or less than than sixty cycles per second, therefore, the clock may behave erratically. This can also happen if the interface receives signals from the serial cable.

You might try moving the interface to another outlet - if it is experiencing line noise at the outlet where it is located, moving it might bypass this noise and allow the clock to operate normally. Make sure that the interface is plugged directly into the wall - don't plug it into a power strip, extension cord, UPS, or surge protector. These can inhibit the X10 signals and cause the clock to behave erratically.

Don't plug anything directly into the outlet on the front of the interface. We find that the interface works best when plugged directly into the wall by itself. If you disconnect the interface from the computer, make sure you disconnect the serial cable from the interface also. Otherwise it can act as an antenna, and receive radio frequency interference that can disrupt the interface clock.