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Internet Explorer won't allow me to install Active X controls for or


Internet Explorer should prompt you to install Active X controls the first time you visit one of our remote viewing sites. If it doesn't, follow these steps:

  1. Open internet explorer
  2. Click “Tools” in the menu bar
  3. Click “Internet Options”
  4. Click the “Security” tab
  5. Click “Trusted Sites” under the “Select a zone to view or change security settings”
  6. Click the “Sites” button Iopt.s.ts.JPG
  7. Input in the “Add this website to the zone:” dialog box
  8. Click the “Add” button
  9. Uncheck the box for “Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone” Trust.JPG
  10. Click the “Close” button, then the “OK” button
  11. Go to If the current time and date do not appear in the space indicated, wait to be prompted to download an add-on. Allow it to load. This is a cetificate for Active X.
  12. Input into the address bar of Internet Explorer and hit enter.

You should now be prompted to install the ActiveX control from X10.