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How do I fix error 4180, "X10COMM.VXD has failed to load"?


This error occurs when another application has already been assigned to the communication port ActiveHome is trying to use. Check your available communication ports in Windows Device Manager (START | SETTINGS | CONTROL PANEL | SYSTEM | DEVICE MANAGER). Click on the plus (+) sign next to PORTS COM & LPT. Make note of the ports listed here. (Note: If your COM port settings were changed from the defaults, they may have to be reset.)

Next, open ActiveHome. Under CONFIGURATION | PREFERENCES, the available comports are displayed. Take note of the ports shown here. Then, CUSTOM UNINSTALL ActiveHome using ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS in CONTROL PANEL. Select all files for deletion.

Reinstall ActiveHome. When prompted, select the COM port that Device Manager and ActiveHome have both recognized as available.