Cruise Settings for AirSight SD and AirSight HD Camera

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How can I set my AirSight SD to automatically scan through a set of positions?


  1. Go to the camera's settings page in Internet Explorer and click on "Cruise Settings."
  2. Click on “None [Invalid]” and put the Cruise Preset name you wish to use in the Cruise Name box.
  3. Once you’ve named the Cruise Preset, click on Id 1 and click Edit. Id 1 will handle all the information for Preset 1 that you’ve already set. “Residence time” is the amount of time that the camera will hold position at that preset and “Speed” will be the rate at which it travels between presets.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the remaining presets that you have set, to fully map the cruise for your presets.
  5. Click Save once you have the presets mapped.
  6. Go back to live video and click the cruise button (2 arrows shaped as a circle in between the preset controls) and select the cruise you just mapped from the Cruise list. Click Update to start the cruise.