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How can I use a DVR with my X10 cameras?


There are a few possibilites:

DVR Wired Alarm Circuit

Many security DVRs, have wired alarm inputs- screw terminals that you can connect alarm sensors up to. You can wire up a UM506 Universal Module to those alarm inputs, as described in this article.

VCR Commander

The VCR Commander can control most devices meeting the following qualifications:

  1. Infrared remote control
  2. Recording can be started by a single button press on the remote
  3. Pressing RECORD again will not stop recording
  4. Recording can be stopped by a single button press on the remote, even if RECORD was pressed repeatedly

Please note that most DVRs on the market do not appear to meet all four requirements.

Always-On Recording

If all else fails, you can just leave the DVR recording continually; with multiple cameras you can use motion sensors for switching. We recommend that you set a high timeout value on the sensors.

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