Extending Wireless Camera Range

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Is there any way to extend the range of X10's wireless cameras or Video Senders?


X10.com does not currently offer a signal booster or extender for the XCameras, but you can extend the XCam's signal by using more sender and receiver units. To extend the signal, you set the camera or initial sender for Channel D. The switch is located under the rubber plug next to the camera's lens. Next, you set the new Receiver unit within 100 feet, also set to Channel D. You now have a signal from the camera to the receiver. Using the RCA audio/video cables (included), plug the Channel D receiver into the sender you received in the Sender/Receiver kit. Set that sender to A, so it can transmit up to another 100 feet - to a Channel A receiver. This receiver carries the image of the Camera on Channel D from 200 feet away.


Multiple Camera Setup

If you have multiple cameras, just point each camera at the nearest video receiver. Set each camera to the same transmission channel as the receiver that the camera is pointed at. Please look at this example. Cameras E1 and E2 are far away from the main video receiver, so they are set on channel D and pointed at the repeater. Cameras E3 and E4 are closer to the main receiver; they are set to channel A.