IWatchOut Crashes When I Add A Camera

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iWatchOut crashes when I add a camera. How can I fix this?


There are two possible solutions when iWatchOut crashes as you add a new camera.

The first is to tell ActiveHome Pro that you have an Appliance Module at the same House and Unit code as the camera. Right-click on that new module and select Edit Module; in the dialog that appears change the type to the camera desired.

The second is more involved but should fix the problem. Close down any X10 software that is currently running. Stop the ATI RW software, and end the X10 service (from Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Services). The file X10nets may be running as a process on some computers. If it is not listed under Services, open Task Manager, and click on the Processes tab. Find the X10nets process and end it. Copy x10net.dll from the c:\program files\x10\common\ folder to c:\program files\ati multimedia\remctrl\ (you may need to double-check the ATI directory name). Then reboot the computer, and you should be able to add a camera without the software crashing.