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The iconRemote is the revolutionary new universal remote that makes channel surfing a breeze. The large, built-in LCD screen will actually display the logos from all of your favorite TV stations. In seconds, you simply program each of your favorites into your own user profile, and from then on, you never have to waste time searching through unwanted channels again.

The iconRemote is also extremely easy to use and navigate. Large buttons, a bright LCD screen, and an ergonomic design will soon make this your favorite (and only) remote. With 10 separate and customizable user profiles, including convenient His and Hers buttons, you’ll never have to argue about what to watch again. Program up to 100 favorite channels for each user and switch between them at the push of a button. This handy little remote can control up to 10 different devices - TVs, DVD Players, VCRs, Tivo, DVRs, Home Audio Receivers, CD Players – as long as your device came with a remote, the iconRemote can control it.

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