Multiple Cameras With One Receiver

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Can I use multiple cameras with one Video Receiver?


Yes, each camera/transmitter and receiver has an ABCD channel switch. Four cameras could be set up, each set to a different channel. To view the output of a camera, you would manually move the receiver's channel switch to the appropriate position.

For Scan Cams, however, each camera has an addressable power supply that responds to X10 powerline commands. You set all the power supplies to the same House Code and each one to a different unit code (1, 2, 3, or 4). You can then turn the cameras on and off remotely using an X10 remote and transceiver. The remote sends an RF command to the transceiver, and the transceiver sends the command over you house wiring to the camera's power supply, to turn it on or off. The camera's addressable power supplies are designed so that if you turn on any one of the group of 4, the other three turn off. You therefore set all 4 cameras to the same channel as the receiver (A, B, C, or D) and only one of the four cameras will be on (and displayed on your TV) at any time.