NEW Airsight HD FTP Service Settings

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How do I setup my Airsight HD Cameras to use my FTP Service?


To have snapshots delivered to an appointed FTP server when alarmed:

Go to the camera's settings page in Internet Explorer and click on the NETWORK SETTINGS menu and choose FTP SETTINGS

  • Enable FTP: Check to turn FTP function ON/OFF.
  • FTP Server: Enter the internal FTP server IP address.
  • FTP Port: Designate the port for the FTP server, default is 21.
  • FTP User: Enter the user name of the FTP server.
  • FTP Password: Enter the password for the FTP server.
  • Upload Folder: Set the path of the remote FTP server. Make sure that the folder you plan to store images exists - (The camera cannot create the folder itself), and the folder must be erasable.
  • FTP Mode: It supports standard (POST) mode and passive (PASV) mode.
  • Upload Image Now: Check to begin uploading images
  • Upload Internal (Seconds): Designate the interval frequency of the upload when alarmed. There will be 3 snapshots sent to the FTP server every interval, for the duration of the alarm.
  • Click SAVE to submit, click TEST to check the settings.