Pets and Motion Sensors

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Will pets trigger X10 motion sensors?


If you install motion sensors at the specified height, it will not detect motion directly on the floor. Also, the sensors are tuned for people-sized objects. The chances of a small pet setting off the system are remote.

It might help to know how the sensor sees motion. It uses passive infrared to detect changes in temperature. If a large source of heat passes, it should be able to see that. Also, the sensor sees temperature moving across the field of view much better than temperature moving toward or away from it.

Many of our users have found that placement of a motion sensor is key to successfully using it. Try setting it so that it sees motion from left to right. You might want to try two or three locations and see how it performs in each location. Try positioning the sensor so its view of the floor, or the first few feet up from the floor, is blocked by a solid object. You can also use a piece of masking tape along the bottom of the IR lens.