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How do I add a PowerHorn siren to my system?

When I alarm the system in the Delay mode, is my siren supposed to make noise?


Installing the Power Horn

  • Set the House Code dial to the same House Code as the Security System
  • Set the Unit Code dial to an unused code. If the Unit Code dial is set to the same as the main console, the horn will sound a few moments when you arm the system (which could unnecesarily awaken members of your household), and the alarm will sound whenever the lights flash.
  • Plug the Power Horn into a convenient AC outlet, preferably an unswitched one to ensure that the Power Horn cannot be turned off accidentally.

If you are using the SC1200 console:

  • The siren needs to be at the same House Code as the console, and one Unit Code higher.
  • The console defaults to A1, so try A2 first.

Testing the Power Horn

  • Press the ON button on any X10 controller or remote which corresponds to the same House Code and Unit Code as the Power Horn, hold the button pressed for several seconds. The siren will continue for 4 minutes, or until an OFF command is received.
  • Trigger the security system by pressing the PANIC button on the console or on a remote. The Power Horn will be activated automatically in the next 4 seconds after the alarm has been triggered and will continue for around 4 seconds after the system is disarmed.

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