Problems with Remote Controls In Activehome Pro

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Why can't I use my remote with my ActiveHome Pro?


Since your remote controls use radio-frequency ("RF") signals to communicate with the ActiveHome USB Interface, set up the interface so it receives the signals loud and clear. Try the following simple steps:

  • Adjust the antenna on the Interface so it sticks straight out from the body (white box). In many cases this will help significantly.
  • Move the interface to an electrical outlet away from your computer and monitor. Use an extension cord or simple power strip (not a surge protector) to get it higher off the ground.
  • Store your timers and macros into the Interface. Then unplug the USB cable. Sometimes noise from your computer can travel on the USB cable and interfere with radio-frequency reception.
  • Try also checking the batteries in your remote control to make sure they are fresh.

If you cannot control any modules with your remote controls, but you *can* control them from the software, open Hardware Configuration from the Tools menu in ActiveHome Pro. Look in the section at the bottom right titled "Transceived House Code(s)." Make sure that this is set to Auto, and that the letters of the House Codes you use are checked.

If a House Code you need is not checked, select "Specific," and choose all of the letters you want to use. When all the right House Codes are checked, click "Update Interface" to save the new settings in the interface.