Protector Plus Battery Replacement

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How long will the DS7000's batteries last?

How can I replace the battery in the DS7000 console?

Are there any special steps I should take to replace the motion sensor batteries?


X10 Door/Window Sensors, Motion Detectors and Security and Keychain remotes are designed to operate for approximately two years when fitted with alkaline batteries. Since operating conditions vary from installation to installation, we recommend that you replace batteries once per year.

Security Console

The battery in the Security Console is used as a backup when there has been a power failure. The battery provides approx. 20 hours of backup time provided the alarm has not been triggered. While operating only on battery backup, the console will continue to operate, and will dial out if the alarm is triggered. It will not flash the house lights or trigger Power Horn sirens.

Batteries can be replaced at any time, even while the unit is powered up. There is no special procedure for battery replacement.

Handheld and Keychain Remotes

Battery Replacement Providing the batteries have not already failed, they may be replaced with fresh batteries without the need to reinstall the remote. After removing the old batteries fresh batteries must be fitted within 30 seconds to ensure that the security code is retained.

Once the batteries have been replaced, confirm that the remote is still logged in by arming the system. If it does not arm, the code has been lost.

If the batteries have failed completely, the security code will have been lost. To ensure proper system integrity it is recommended that the console be cleared and all sensors and remotes reinstalled.