Relabeling the Slimline Switch

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How do I change the labels on my Slimline Switch?


  • To change the labels on your SS13A, first spread out a sheet of newspaper to provide a clean working area that will catch dropped bits.
  • Remove the battery and its holder then carefully use a butter knife (or a similar thin flat blunt tool) to pop the entire SS13A case apart.
  • Disassemble it, replace the labels, and carefully reassemble:
  1. Put the clear plastic covers back on the rubber part, covering the labels.
  2. Put the front of the switch face down and place the rubber bit in the holes. Make sure the red LED diffuser is still in plase.
  3. Put the circuit board over the rubber part, brown side up. The circuit board should sit against the two small plastic pins at the top of the case.
  4. Snap the back of the case back on, install the battery, and test the Slimline Switch.