Remote Browser Loading in Vista

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How can I load the remote browser for my X10 application in Vista?


Option 1

Log in as an administrator. First, turn off the Windows firewall. Next, go to User Accounts in Control Panel. Click on "Turn on or off User account control". On the next pop up choose continue. Next, Uncheck the box that says " Use User Account Control to help protect your computer". After selecting that and choosing ok, it will ask to restart; permit it to do so. Once you have restarted, open up Internet Explorer. Go to,, or Once you go to your site, it will ask you to install ActiveX controls, tell it to do so. Once you've installed the ActiveX, a one-by-one pixel box should be shown in the upper right corner. If you are visiting MyHouse, then hoveing your mouse over that box should let you click and drag it out to size. If you are accessing the Vanguard or Sentinel remote, right click in the box and select Video Size 100%.

Option 2

Follow these instructions: Loading Vanguard Remote in Firefox