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Why won't my remote control my modules or wall switches?


To use an X10 remote control, you must have a transceiver module installed. The most common transceivers are the TM751 and RR501 found here.

The CM15A ActiveHome Pro computer interface can also be configured to act as a transceiver.

Make sure you have set the remote, transceiver, and module being controlled to the same House Code. If you have a TM751 or RR501 transceiver, you should be able to use the remote to control a device plugged into the TM751.

If you are having difficulty controlling a module from a particular location, but can control it from other locations, or if the ability to control a particular module is intermittent, it is possible that the module in question and your controller are on opposite phases of your house wiring or you are experiencing line noise.

  • For more information regarding Phase Issues and Line Noise click here.

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