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What is the difference between the RUN1 and RUN2 modes on the Protector Plus?

Why does my Protector Plus chime when I open a door?

Can I set up my Protector Plus to chime when I open a door?


  • If the system is in RUN2 mode and not armed, the console will sound a pleasant chime whenever you open a door or window with a sensor attached.
  • In RUN1 mode, the system will not chime when it is disarmed.
  • When armed, RUN1 and RUN2 modes are the same - opening a door or window or tripping a motion sensor will trigger the alarm.
  • If you leave a window open and the console is left in RUN2 mode, the console will chime when that window is scheduled to check in with the main console (at a four hour interval.)