Setting Up The IR Extender Portion

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How do I set up the remote control extender on my Video Sender?


  • Make sure the Video Receiver is positioned so that you can point your remote at the LED on its front.

  • Locate the IR receiver on the source device, the one the Video Sender is connected to with RCA cables.

To locate the IR eye, check the component’s manual, contact technical support for that component, or shine a flashlight through the front panel of the equipment.

If none of those work, cover part of the case with your left hand and push buttons on the remote with your right hand.

Move your left hand around while pushing buttons on the remote. When the remote stops working, then you know your hand is over the IR receiver.

  • Connect the IR extender cable to the Sender and to the IR receiver "spot" (technically known as a photodiode.)

  • Point your remote control at the Video Receiver and push a button; confirm that the source device reacts as if you had pointed the remote directly at it instead of at the Sender.

If the device does not react, but the remote still works when pointed directly at the video source, try repositioning the IR extender cables.

If this fails, hook the other pad on the IR extender to another device with a remote control nearby.

If you can't control that either, your Video Receiver's IR extender may have an issue.