Setting Up Video Sender with a PC

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How do I connect the Sender to my PC?


  • If it does, you merely need an S-Video to RCA Composite adapter/cable-any electronics store should have those.

Once you have connected the Sender using that cable, follow the instructions that came with your PC or video card to activate that output.

  • If it does not, you need a VGA to TV converter. That is a box that goes between your PC and its monitor; they should cost no more than $50.

Most VGA to TV converters will have an RCA Composite output- connect that to the Sender. Then set your PC's resolution to 640x480 or 800x600:

  • Either way, you will also need a RCA stereo audio to 1/8" stereo headphone adapter cable.

If you want to use speakers or headphones with your PC as well, you will want a headphone jack splitter too: