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This guide should help you in quickly setting up the X10 Handheld Remote.


The Security/Home Automation Remote Control combines the features of security remotes with the features of home automation ones. It lets you arm and disarm the DS7000 or DC8700 Security System in HOME and AWAY modes. It has SECURITY LIGHT ON and OFF buttons which work like the LIGHT ON and LIGHT OFF buttons on X10 Keychain Remotes. It also lets you control up to four additional X10 Modules and dim and brighten lights too!

Installing the Remote

  • Set the House code on the remote to match the security console.
  • Fit four AAA Alkaline batteries into the battery compartment in the back of the remote. Observe + and - marks.
  • Set the slide switch on the security console to INSTALL.
  • Press ARM on the remote. The console beeps once to confirm that the remote has been registered.
    • If the remote does not register, remove the label on the front and use a pencil or other pointed object to press the small CODE button to generate a new random code. Press ARM again to install the Remote.
  • Return the console's slide switch to the RUN position.


The MIN/MAX switch on the remote allows you set it to arm the system with or without an exit/entry delay.

  • When set to MIN, everything in the system will arm and trip instantly.
  • When set to MAX, Motion Sensors will still trigger the alarm instantly, but Door/Window Sensors (that you have set to MAX) give you a 1 minute exit and 30 second entry delay before the alarm sounds.

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