Showtime Software Revision History

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Updated September 15, 2004

  • Final revision.

Version Updated January 10, 2003

  • Updated shared components.
  • Improved driver installation routine.

Updated February 19, 2002

  • "Subtitle" key on ShowTime remote now opens a context menu in Thumbnail and Picture Views.
  • Added support for .MPG, .ASF and .WMV movie files.
  • Added playback of audio in movie files.
  • Added support for .BMP, .GIF, .PNG and .WMF still formats.
  • Added printing features.
  • Added e-mail features, including storage/retrieval service from
  • Added bookmark features.
  • Added preferences for printing and e-mail features.
  • Added code to prevent screensaver and power down of display from occurring while ShowTime is active.
  • Added DirectX 8.1 option to the ShowTime installer.
  • Improved handling of button press commands received from the remote control.
  • Improved video performance.
  • Improved handling of transmitter preferences for different screen resolutions.
  • Changed "Search" so that only Collections that have had pictures associated with them are displayed.
  • Changed "Restart" to "Shut down" in installer.
  • Changed preferences so that "Use filename as default caption" is selected as default.
  • Changed Picture Wizard so that it checks for existing links before linking all images in a folder.
  • Changed Zoom to use more levels of detail.
  • Fixed misspelling of one of the default Collections.
  • Fixed a problem with screen refresh when zoom out to full size on irregularly shaped images.

Updated January 30, 2002

  • Released ShowTime.