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Actually a few the facts below and my extrapolation.

1. I use the CM11A (both in XP and Vista, with a USB to Serial Adapter for my computer).

2. I too have had similar small issues with the XPCR and the CM11A when running macros as follows...

- Lets say I have two consecutive commands in a macro (Say B-1 and B-2) that both dim but at different rates B-1 at 50% and B-2 at 70% with the XPCR my B-1 would dim to 50% but then when B-2 was triggered, the B-1 got dimmed again usually taking it to what looked like 0%.

- To fix it, I separated the dimming devices in the macro by 1 minute intervals... And some times when I separated the Letter and Number codes across varying Letters, C next then go back to B later in the macro, the problem would disappear.

- THAT IS MY FIX FOR THE BUG, but here is the technical reason.... You can actually sometimes do this with the XPCR and a handheld or desktop remote. Send a letter and Number and dim, then immediately go to another Number Code and Dim, the first will dim right along with the second Command. That is because there needs to be a 3 cycle gap between commands. When there is no gap, the first module thinks the commands it hears next are for it also!

HERE IS THE TECHNICAL REASON..... (the way I understand it) If you know how our code packet is transmitted, it basically sends the commands over 47 cycles of the 60 cycle sine wave. but it is important to have that 3 cycle gap between the multiple transmissions, so the modules understand that a command is following.

So if the CM15A is not pausing before the next transmission that could be the issue.

Also, I seem to remember that in the CM11A there is a setting for BURST and Standard... I was never able to determine a real difference, but I can tell you that Standard always worked for me when I separated the individual DIM Commands to the next minute. (you can separate in the CM15A next transmission by seconds).

So the bottom line is trial and error to move the dim commands to varying places in the Macro or separate them by spac-ial time. I am not familiar with the CM15A software to do that, so investigate that.

Personally, I am not sure this is a bug in the XPCR, perhaps Dave Rye can expand on this. I think it should be addressed in the CM15A software. Cause remember I can do this with a desk top remote also... but if I time gap, it has no problem.

Hope this was of some assistance