Troubleshooting Camera Scanning & Switching

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Why won't iWitness scan between my cameras?

Why can't I switch cameras?


If you cannot switch between cameras by clicking on their names in the Video Window or on the "Go Live" buttons in ActiveHome Pro iWitness, then try these steps:

  • Make sure the address (letter and number dials) on each camera power supply matches the address it was assigned in ActiveHome Pro.
  • Try moving the cameras to different electrical outlets.
  • Set the cameras all to the same letter code, and select unit codes in sequential groups: 1-4, 5-8, 9-12, or 13-16. Change the modules in ActiveHome Pro to match.

If you can control cameras manually but automatic scanning does not work:

  • Open Preferences from the Tools menu
  • Go to the Multi-Camera tab.
  • Check to see if your cameras are all in the Scan List.
  • If they are not, put each camera in the Available Cameras list into the Scan List.
  • Close Preferences. You should now be able to Scan within iWatchOut.

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